How to Speed Up Flex Seal Dry Time

Are you wanting to speed up dry time when using Flex Seal on your latest project? If so, then this blog post is for you! We’ll explore a few tips and tricks that will help you get your project finished in no time. With the right tools and techniques, we can show you how to effectively use Flex Seal to cut down its drying time and give your projects better protection than ever before.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge into faster drying times with Flex Seal, keep reading as we guide you through what materials to use and gadgets that make it easier!

How to Speed Up Flex Seal Dry Time

It’s a great product for sealing up cracks and gaps, but it can be tricky to get the ideal results. If you don’t take certain steps before applying flex seal, it can take an excessive amount of time to dry properly which will in turn affect how long its sealing abilities last. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that can help speed up your flex seal drying time! Keep reading this blog post to learn how to speed up flex seal dry time.

Why May You Want to Speed Up Flex Seal Dry Time?

1. To Start Using Your Project Sooner

One of the main reasons why you may want to speed up the dry time of Flex Seal is so that you can start using your project sooner. If you have a large project with lots of sections, the sooner it dries, the better. You don’t want to wait hours or days for each section to dry before moving on to the next one.

2. To Use The Product Quickly

Another reason why you may want to speed up Flex Seal dry time is so that you can use the product quickly. If you are in a hurry and need to get the project done as soon as possible, then speeding up the drying time could help you achieve this goal.

3. To Avoid Messes and Smudges

Finally, speeding up the drying time of Flex Seal can help you avoid messes and smudges. If you don’t give it enough time to dry, then the product may not adhere properly and cause a mess. By speeding up the dry time, you can ensure that your project turns out perfectly.

10 Tips On How to Speed Up Flex Seal Dry Time

Now that you know why you may want to speed up Flex Seal dry time, let’s look at some of the best ways to do just that.

1. Increase Air Flow

One of the quickest and most effective ways to speed up Flex Seal drying time is to increase airflow in the area where you are working. This can be done by turning on fans or opening windows and doors. Additionally, you can use a hair dryer to help blow air into the area that you are sealing.

Turning on Fans or Opening Windows

2. Use Multiple Coats

Applying multiple coats of Flex Seal will allow for faster drying time overall as each coat absorbs less moisture from the air. Make sure to allow adequate drying time between each coat and to use even, light pressure when applying.

3. Use in Dry Conditions

Try to apply Flex Seal on dry days with minimal humidity and no precipitation. This will help speed up the drying process as there is less moisture in the air for the sealant to absorb. Also, you have to make sure the area you are sealing is dry too, so make sure to clean it and wipe off any moisture before applying.

4. Use Heat

One way to increase the drying time of Flex Seal is to use a heat gun or blow dryer on a low setting. This will help evaporate some of the moisture that has been absorbed into the sealant. However, be sure to keep the heat source moving and not focus on one area for too long as this could cause damage to the sealant or the surface you are working with.

5. Thin Out

You can thin out Flex Seal with a solvent such as mineral spirits or acetone; however, this should be done with caution as too much solvent can weaken the bond of the sealant. Just add a few drops at a time until you get the consistency you are looking for. This will help speed up drying time, but make sure to allow adequate dry time even after thinning out.

6. Use Specialized Primers

You can also use special primers designed specifically for Flex Seal, such as the Flex Prime Primer. This will help speed up drying time and provide an extra layer of protection and adhesion between the sealant and the surface you are sealing.

7. Apply in Thin Layers

To speed up Flex Seal drying time, try to apply it in thin layers instead of one thick layer. This will help the sealant dry quicker as there is less moisture in the air for the sealant to absorb. Also, thin layers allow for better adhesion and faster curing.

Using a Brush or Roller

8. Use a Brush or Roller

Using a brush or roller instead of spraying Flex Seal on can also help speed up drying time as this method creates a thinner layer. Additionally, rolling or brushing on sealant will help ensure even coverage and better adhesion to the surface you are working with.

9. Use a Dehumidifier

If you’re sealing in an area where there is high humidity or moisture, using a dehumidifier can help speed up Flex Seal drying time as it will help absorb the moisture in the air.

10. Let it Sit

Finally, sometimes the best way to speed up Flex Seal drying time is to just let it sit and cure naturally. This will take longer than other methods but can be a good option if you’re not in a rush or don’t have access to any of the other methods mentioned above.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some insight to speed up Flex Seal dry time. Remember to always take safety precautions and follow directions when using this product. Additionally, make sure to allow adequate drying time before you use the sealed area or begin any additional projects. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Applying Flex Seal?

Flex Seal Typically Takes 24 Hours to Dry

When applying Flex Seal, it’s important to wear gloves and safety glasses. Make sure the surface you’re working on is clean and dry before application. Additionally, since it’s a liquid rubber sealant, be sure to keep children and pets away from the area when using Flex Seal. Also, use ventilation to reduce the chance of inhaling any fumes from the product.

How Long Does Flex Seal Take to Dry?

Flex Seal typically takes 24 hours to dry completely. Depending on the size of the area you’re sealing and environmental conditions like humidity levels, it can take less or more time for Flex Seal to dry.

How Can I Speed Up the Drying Time for Flex Seal?

You can speed up the drying time of Flex Seal by using a blow dryer or fan on low heat to help circulate air around the area you’re sealing. Additionally, if you’re working in an area with high humidity levels, try moving your project to a drier area and avoiding direct contact with moisture. You should also apply several thin coats of Flex Seal to help increase the drying speed. Finally, make sure that you’re allowing enough time between each coat for optimal results.

Can I Use Flex Seal Outside?

Yes, Flex Seal can be used on both indoor and outdoor projects. However, make sure to keep away from open flames or extreme heat, as this can reduce the effectiveness of the sealant. Additionally, if you’re using Flex Seal on an outdoor project in direct sunlight, it’s best to apply early in the morning so it has ample time to dry without direct exposure to UV rays.

Can I Paint Over Flex Seal?

Yes, you can paint over Flex Seal once it’s completely dry. However, make sure to wait 24 hours before beginning the painting process as any moisture left in the sealant can negatively affect the adhesion of the paint.

You Can Paint Over Flex Seal Once It’s Completely Dry


In summary, Flex Seal is a great product for many applications. It can quickly and easily patch cracks, coat surfaces or seal out moisture with long-lasting results. Knowing how to speed up the dry time lets you take advantage of all those benefits sooner rather than later. It may take some experimentation to get it right but by following the guidelines on how to speed up flex seal dry time above, you can ensure that your project comes together in a fraction of the time. 

Ensuring proper ventilation and controlling against temperature extremes will help you to get the job done much faster while still maintaining the same great results as waiting for it to dry naturally. With Flex Seal and a few easy steps, anyone can have a successful project every time!

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